Campfire Guardians

Join the Fumilia in defending the Campfire from a sinister group of PolyGoblins as they seek to overthrow the balance between good and evil. Go on hunts to reclaim 🍄 and help remedy the wild ToxiSquatchies before it’s too late.


Guard the Campfire from pesky goblin attacks and go on hunts to forage for 🍄, the in game currency, while avoiding the occasional ambush. Hunts are the primary game mechanic, and result in a variety of everchanging and evolving events and experiences like mysterious portals, wild toxisquatchies and fortified goblin banks! Some are referenced below, for more details read our current patch notes.


Not all PolyGoblins are small, team up with your Campfire Cats to help fend off the brute attacks.

own what you unlock, forever.
earn digital collectibles just by playing

Collect seasonal items like badges and limited cosmetics, all backed with proof of ownership using the Solana blockchain.

in game commerce

Spend your hard earned 🍄 on in game items that help you progress, cosmetic collectibles and limited campfire events. All 🍄 at the end of each season get converted to $FUM and airdropped per player.

The choice is yours, inner peace through impulse purchases or ascend the leaderboard.

Ponzi Free Play to Earn

Every player gets rewarded in Campfire Guardians, no matter your playstyle! After each 3 week season, tokenized achievements and prizes are airdropped to your logged solana address, you don’t have to do a thing.

Each reward is a digital asset you can trade, sell, collect and flex in unique ways in our SquatchVerse.

Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.
Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.