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As a community owned project, we do not have what most  would call a core team or “founders” – We do have a set of core contributors primarily made up of SquatchDAO founders, These core contributors work weekly, free of charge, to help build SolSquatch and ensure the Campfire remains lit, no matter what.

Core Contributors
You are the team

Our brand is founded on the strength of our community, from our earliest days, our community has contributed to the building blocks of our identity.

Helping to educate our loved ones and others online about the SolSquatch Ecosystem and what it represents cannot only be from our core contributors. It makes more of an impact when the community takes initiative!

Help grow the Fumilia and the SquatchVerse, earn a corresponding share of the [REDACTED]

🔔 Hit that Bell

Let’s slay the evil social algo together, and taking 5 seconds to like new posts makes a huge difference!

💛 Gib Engagement

Like, comment, and RT other Fumilia’s posts. Welcome new members in Discord and on Twitter. Remind people why community is the real utility.

👣 Rock the PFP

Self explanatory . Rock your forever SolSquatch and raise brand awareness. Add a 👣 in your username while you’re at it.

🤝 Connect in subgroups or IRL

The real utility is the friends we made along the way 😎 create or join group chats based around your favorite trait or geographical location.

🎨 Create Stuff

While rocking your SolSquatch PFP, build a brand around it! Create content, memes, write threads, become a influencooor. Our SolSquatch IP asset library is more expansive than most.

We have only 1 rule: be kind.

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Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.
Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.