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What the FUM is an NFT?
What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

NFT is an acronym for Non Fungible Token. The term “non-fungible” is used because these tokens cannot be swapped on a one-to-one basis.

In essence, NFTs serve as representations of ownership over digital items.

NFTs are commonly used for digital collectibles, artwork, as certification/redeemable for physical goods like merch, or as access to exclusive communities.

In SolSquatch, we believe cute is cool and that our brand creates incredible opportunity for those collecting and creating, including:

Being part of the 👣 SolSquatch Community, ie: The Fumilia

The SolSquatch community consists of people from all kinds of backgrounds, across the globe and encompassing different age groups, cultures, and belief systems. The core principles of kindness, positivity, and inclusion have served as the binding force that has kept the Fumilia united during its most challenging times, establishing the community’s reputation for its warmth and resilience. Numerous people have created significant connections through SolSquatch.

If you want to go fast, go alone… but if you want to go far, go together.

What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide
data provided by NFT Inspect

Building your Digital Identity 👷‍♂️

Use an NFT PFP to instantly feel connected to and represented by an online community. Use it to meet new people and flex your rarest collectible. 🏆

SolSquatch PFPs can be found across nearly every social media platform including: twitter, instagram, twitch and tiktok.

Rock your forever SolSquatch, add a 👣 to your username while you’re at it.

What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

 🎨 Creating with your IP

Create content, memes, make your own story, stickers or art. Put our extensive library of SolSquatch brand assets to use.

Work directly with our SquatchVentures to help accelerate your creative ideas.

lol ok, how about i just right-click save?

You absolutely can, go for it! However, the blockchain enforces proof of ownership as a digital asset. A saved “jaypeg” doesn’t grant the access, opportunity and other benefits that come with holding the NFT. Your NFT’s ownership is attached to your wallet it resides in, and together they are capable of unlocking incredible utility being built around us including exclusive communities, revenue share platforms, real world opportunities or just a key to a room full of internet degens playing poker bonding over their favorite animal picture they bought with magic internet money.

why solana? i heard it's for poor people 😂

Solana has captured NFT collectors from all chains as a prominent NFT chain due to it’s fast transactions, and most importantly, affordable entry. Ethereum is home to incredible and space changing NFT collections, however it’s “gas” fees often times can cost well over the price of the NFT you’re looking to buy and the speed is subject to those willing to pay more for faster transactions. Due to this, Etherium has a higher cost of entry to learn and explore the world of NFTs. Solana’s affordable entry and youthful energy and scalability has propped it up to being one of the front runners for onboarding new people into Web3. It’s this easy access that allows a world of opportunity awaiting those who otherwise would be priced out of even getting to the door.

1️⃣ First Step? A Wallet!
What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide
I have a wallet, i sit on it..

Not that kind. A wallet is where you keep all of your Solana, NFTs and other tokens. It’s also your form of ID or public access card into the world of Web3. Nearly every action taken in Web3 requires your wallet, and you want to keep it as secure as possible. Once you pick a wallet, you will generate an address.

They look like this 👉 FUM1hgpT4f5e1wbFgUcGWFU4bbEpAGuqGZcEuHzD1Aib
or you can get a domain and make it look like this 👉 solsquatch.sol

What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

Wallet safety is paramount in Web3 as bad actors attempt to take advantage of unknowing new entries to the space. Never share your Wallet’s seed phrase or private key with ✨anyone✨ or they will have complete access to your wallet and thus your digital assets.

When connecting to Web3 sites you don’t know, always use a burner.
2️⃣ Step 2: snag some sol

The beauty of Solana is the UX and how frictionless it is, especially with near non existent gas fees. However, you will still need a tad of Solana for interactions. $10 goes a long way on Solana!

If you have a CEX account like Coinbase, Robinhood, etc. you can transfer Solana straight to your newly created wallet from step 1.

Don’t have Cex? (lol) Just use Moon Pay! You can purchase Solana directly from your Phantom Wallet App via Moon Pay using a debit card or Apple Pay. Alternatively, you can skip needing gas all together by skipping to the CrossMint step below!

3️⃣ Now, Adopt your First Squatch

Once you have your Phantom wallet setup, it’s time to adopt your first SolSquatch collectible!

You can do this in a variety of ways and on several great Solana marketplaces like Tensor or Magic Eden. In the below steps, we will utilize Magic Eden:

Purchase with Solana (SOL) 👾

What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

Once you have reached the SolSquatch marketplace on Magic Eden, pick out a forever Squatchie! Since you will already have SOL in your wallet from earlier, you can use the quick buy feature shown above!

Alternatively, you can skip buying Solana all together and..

💸 Purchase with your Debit or Credit Card using Crossmint

What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

During checkout, just select the CrossMint option from the dropdown shown above. Continue the steps to successfully purchase your first NFT with your credit or debit card.

Don’t forget to export your purchase to your newly created wallet
Now What? wen moon?
What is an NFT? SolSquatch Digital Collectibles Guide

FUMFUM! Welcome to the Fumilia!

Join the Discord for a proper welcome, get cozy by the campfire.

Stake your SolSquatch NFT for our utility token $fum and spend it on things like raffles on our yardsale, digital goods, new traits for customization and new SolSquatch Universe mints!

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Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.
Please pardon our virtual dust! We're still tinkering back here.